Hobbies Page

    Well I am "In To" so many different things it's hard to figure out where to start. I guess you could say I am into just about anything that interests me. The main topics seem to be Computers, Cars, Ham Radio, Electronics, Camping, 4 Wheeling, Arcade Games, Quake, and My New Property.

    Computers seems to be a sick obsession since I also do this for a living as well as a hobby. This web site is part of that as well as a few others I work on for friends. I have an extensive collection of old 'junk' computer stuff ranging from several SUN systems, an HP Apollo, and tuns of old PC stuff.

    Cars as a hobby? Well I at least want it to be. I am constantly in search of a 1969/70 Mustang Fastback or Mach 1 at a price I can afford. I have restored 3 1967 Mustangs in prior years and someday would like to do it again. The only cars I am doing anything with now is either crap that I buy from .... or crap that I buy from auctions that I fix up and sell. This is no fun at all! If I am going to beat myself to death working on a car it should at least be a cool one! I also have 2 Diesel Trucks (Well one is my wife's) The first is a 1988 Chevy 1 Ton 4X4 6.2 Diesel. This was my first Diesel and it kinda grew on me. It was an SRP (Salt River Project) truck that I purchased at auction with a utility bed on it. I converted it back to a standard bed but noticed only too late that the frame is slightly too long for the bed. Whoops! It has a 4 inch gap between the cab and bed now. It's not really an eye sore and I doubt I will ever have a problem with the bed hitting the body even the way I 4X4! The other Diesel is a 96 2WD Ford Powerstroke. The Ford is much more powerful than the Chevy but I still like the Chevy especially since it's paid for and a 4X4.

    Ham Radio Hmmm... Well I'll make this brief KB7QBJ. Enough said.

    Electronics is kind of a hobby that is constantly being forced into a status that of a business. I tend to try  avoid this as it would ruin the whole perception and take all of the fun out of it. The only problem here is I never get to work on the things that I want as people keep bringing their broken junk over for me to fix it. This is not a problem however half of the items I am asked to work on would be better suited to target practice. I am also prone to saving old parts as to use components from these donors at a later time. This makes for quite the junk heap. Oh Well.

    I have a 5th Wheel trailer that I attempt to go camping with but with all this other stuff going on It's kinda tough!

    4 Wheeling... I do this about as often as camping but I used to do it all the time. I miss doing it all the time. The only consolation is the trips are more intense now as I have to get several months of 4X4 fix compressed into one day.

    As far as me and arcade games go you would be best to visit my arcade links.

    Whenever I get a chance I play Q2 on the net. The name I go by is TURD. I'm not out there often any more as free time is quite scarce. I just dumped my ISDN line so therefore I will probably suck even more than usual as I now only have my 56K modem going through my Linux box with IP Masq and DialD. It was hard to justify $83/month just to play Quake fast. (Cry...)

    The Property is a new addition to my hobbies. It is about 140 Miles NE of where I live and at 6100'. It's got several small trees on it and is in kind of an interesting location. I was originally planning to drag the 5th wheel up there on weekends to get out of the heat (Phoenix is quite hot!! dry or not!) but I think the road would kill the camper in just a few trips. I have therefore reverted to plan B. Plan B is to find a junk camper at auction and patch it up long enough to last one trip up there and leave it there. Well I am still working on plan B but who knows. I am just hoping that I find one that doesn't look so bad that people think it is abandoned and trash it even more.


Well I guess that sums it up for now! Hey Wake up!